Why Geography Optional?

Geography Optional is a very popular optional in CSE. It is very scientific with maps, theories, data, diagram, pie chart, bar diagram etc. tools available with you to frame a good answer. It requires less rote learning. There are some topics which are directly overlap with your GS Prelims, GS Mains and Essay which obviously lessen the burden of preparation. It is especially popular optional among science or engineering graduate. 

Recent Trend?

But it is one side of the coin. Another side of the coin says that this optional is very tricky and unconventional especially now-a-days e.g. in 2016 many unconventional questions and recent theories of geography were asked which created uncomfort to the candidates. But yes there is a way to tackle it.

What next?

But the good thing is that candidates are doing better with answer writing practice and by reading good stuff about geography. It is also true that candidates have scored very good marks in CSE and almost 2 to 3 candidates are always from geography optional in top 10 of CSE list. With right preparation one can do good in this optional.

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