General Studies

General Studies are more extensively covered in IAS Mains Exam where aspirants are required to write Four GS Papers carrying 250 Marks each. In this way GS Mains carry 1000 Marks, which is about 50% of total Mains Marks. With this the weightage of GS can be understood.

If a candidate prepares GS with extensive writing practice then no doubt one can fetch good marks. GS does not require that much mastery over the subject matter but you should be well aware about the happenings and chronology in which it happens. The importance of GS is not limited to GS Papers only but to your Optional Subject, Essay and Interview as well. So if GS weightage is understood in totality then it may cross more then 1400 Marks of the total.

360 degrees coverage in GS answer writings will fetch you perfect score. There are certain principles by following that you can write a good GS answer e.g. on any topic you have to think about socio-economic-politico-techno perspective with concrete subject matters and no flowery language. The static portion in GS has to be thoroughly prepared in Prelims Preparation itself and almost everything you have to read for Prelims is going to help you in GS Mains.


The only crux of whole thing is to Read-Write-Evaluate-Feedback Mechanism must be adhered to. Writing practice has no replacement. Whatever you read and memories if you are not writing as per question demands then your reading has no benefits. So to have permanent memories please do write answers and see the difference.


We here provide you holistic feedback on each answer that will help you to improve yourself in coming Test and prepare you to face CSE with confidence.  

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