What is an Essay?

Essay– is throwing your ideas on a subject matter like Science and Technology, Philosophy, Education etc. It’s a reflection of your thought process on a subject about which you have certain insights, practical experiences, understanding about the issues and coherency of thought process etc.


Essay paper is of 250 Marks which has big significant in UPSC CSE. Just aproximate 2000 words of 250 Marks, which signify its importance. So now you can imagine the significance and the insight UPSC wants to know about you in this paper. So this paper can not be solved unprepared. It’s highly scoring and with just a little effort and practice one can easily fetch 120 or 130 or even 150 Marks or More. And in fact candidates have scored 110 marks on an average continuously in this paper. 

Is it requiring a special preparation?

The answer  is ‘YES’. You need a special preparation in formatting, making ideas coherent, flow of ideas in a logical direction, priority of putting ideas in a sequence etc. But the good part is that you prepare General Studies extensively for prelims and mains, which help you in solving essay paper. But here is a catch this does not mean you just write your subject matter like optional subject or Science & Technology or any other specific knowledge. You have to have well-structured plan of writing which comprise different dimensions of the topic. Your answer should be revolving around the topic but covering all possible aspects.

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