• It’s flexible – You can write as per your convenience.
  • Within 10 days your evaluated answer booklet would be sent to you.
  • Sectional Tests will mainly to empower candidates to correct and consolidate your answer writings, how to use stuff at specific place and imbibe the sentence to convey a proper meaning.
  • Write honestly to improve yourself and do not repeat the same mistakes in next test, learn from the comprehensive comments given on your answers.
  • Revise evaluated answers booklet before attempting next Test, it would recall your mistakes that you would not be repeating in next Test.
  • Use current affairs wisely and do not use it to overload information to examiner.
  • Make a rough idea before attempting Essay Test and send it to us along with answer booklet. Your rough work for Essay convey a lot.
  • Try to attempt Test as per schedule.


  • Payment once made is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • TimezoneIAS reserves right to make any changes in Test Schedule or Timings.
  • Answer would be accepted in TimezoneIAS’s answer booklet only which would be sent to candidates.
  • Make sure your PDF file does not exceed 25MB size and if exceeds then use PDF Compressor
  • Any issues do write to us, we would help you out.


Follow the following steps for enrollment:

  1. Make payment by using Payment Details (given in this page).
  2. Fill the online application form (given in this page) after making payment.
  3. Email one ID Proof on
  4. After following the above steps, you will get all the required information within 24 hours on your Email ID.

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